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About Us

Benjamin Foods is a broadline distributor with three generations and almost 60 years of experience in food service excellence.

We offer a full line of food products including canned and dry goods, frozen foods, meats, seafood, cheeses, produce, and non-food items such as paper goods, janitorial items, equipment and supplies. We are committed to bringing you more value, greater variety, and unparalleled customer service.

At Benjamin Foods, we pride ourselves on being a company that listens to the concerns of our customers and reacts quickly. Our CEO has hands-on knowledge of every customer relationship and is backed by a team that gets the job done. Need an item today? We will literally go the extra mile and bring it to you. This customer service oriented philosophy sets us apart with the desire to constantly grow and adapt our business to best serve the needs of our clients. We’ve done this by expanding beyond food products to restaurant equipment, supplies, and consulting services.



Our commitment to excellence and uniquely tailored foodservice solutions will keep your guests coming back for more, and in turn, help grow your business. As a broadline food distributor, Benjamin Foods is positioned to meet the diverse needs of the accommodation and foodservice sectors.

Health Care

At Benjamin Foods, we understand the evolving nature of the healthcare industry and we strive to assist our foodservice operators with products that cater and adjust to customers’ tastes while maintaining fiscal responsibility.


Benjamin Foods is committed to providing nutritious meal options at outstanding price points for students in the primary, secondary and post-secondary markets. Our educational sales team works with the customer to tailor an individualized plan that meets their needs.


We have nearly 180 years of combined experience servicing the correctional food service industry. We service nearly 400 facilities at the federal, state and county levels throughout the country.

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Benjamin Foods Is the Broadline Food Distributor You Should Be Working With

As an independent distributor, Benjamin Foods is uniquely positioned for immediate response to customer requests. Our experienced, well-trained workforce deploys advanced tools surpassing today’s challenges.