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Philadelphia is in our blood and food is in our DNA

Food has always been in the DNA of the Klayman family. It all began over 60 years ago in a small warehouse on West Moreland Street in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, when a young entrepreneur named Albert Klayman (Grandfather of Benjamin Foods’ founder, Howard Klayman) established Almarco Pizza Company, a food distributor with a focus on the pizza segment of the industry.

Al believed that food was an integral part of the culture of every ethnic family living in cities like Philadelphia. Every neighborhood had their favorite eateries that reflected the culture of the neighborhoods. Al always admired how these local landmarks maintained a family atmosphere in their restaurants while serving their customers quality food in a timely fashion.

It was important to Al that the ingredients served in restaurants were as good as the ones that were used in people’s home kitchens. He thought if he could deliver those premium ingredients to pizza shops and restaurants, they would become lifelong customers.

Al’s philosophy endeared him to his customers and Almarco Pizza Company eventually exploded in popularity, growing to serve customers from as far away as Virginia and New York–all while still maintaining the same exemplary level of customer service the local customers in his hometown of Philadelphia had come to expect from Almarco.

In addition to legendary attention-to-detail, much of Al’s success has been attributed to his ability to be a man of the people, putting himself in the shoes of the restaurant customer and the restaurant owner simultaneously. He was a soft-spoken man who went to extraordinary lengths not to disappoint his customers. His actions truly spoke louder than his words. Al never forgot where he came from, never turning his back on family, friends, and business associates when they were in need. He was active in many local charities.

Al continued to work in the food business well into his 80s, when he passed away in 2007. Howard’s father, Larry, followed in his father’s footsteps, continuing in the food business.

Al’s grandson, Howard Klayman, founded Benjamin Foods in 2007 after working for other food companies for 15 years. True to his nature as a visionary, Howard knew he could employ those years of experience to create a successful food distribution company of his own. Today, Benjamin Foods occupies more than 200,000 square feet of temperature-controlled warehouse space throughout four distribution centers and employs over 150 people.  Howard always believed that Benjamin Foods would be fitting a tribute to his grandfather’s legacy. Like his grandfather, Howard named Benjamin Foods for his first son, Benjamin.

Benjamin Foods continues to grow exponentially, becoming a leading broad line food distributor serving the needs of both public and private food service customers in the Northeast and beyond.