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Farm-to-table quality dairy items at wholesale prices.

Farm-to-table is a movement that’s taken the restaurant industry by storm. But at Benjamin Foods, we’ve always had that philosophy in mind. Our dairy products are sourced locally whenever possible and we sell only dairy products made from the highest quality ingredients.

We also offer artisanal cheeses and organic dairy products for our customers.

  • Cheese Products
    • Benjamin Foods offers a cornucopia of cheese options. From simple cheddar to hand-made French cheeses, we have every type of cheese you could possibly want to use in your menu items.
  • Heavy Cream and Whipping Cream
    • Whether you’re making your own whipped cream or laying down the base for a lobster bisque, you’ll need cream sourced from our first-class dairy vendors.
  • Eggs
    • Farm fresh eggs make a difference. There are times when frozen egg product or egg substitutes will do, but sometimes there’s just no replacement for farm fresh eggs.
  • Milk
    • For cooking, drinking and in your tea or coffee, milk is as much a part of your meal as the entrée. If you need whole or skim, half-and-half or 2%, we have the freshest dairy products available.
  • Butter
    • Butter is the base of so many sauces and baked goods that you can’t scrimp on it. Make sure you have the finest salted or unsalted sweet cream butter from Benjamin Foods.
  • Margarine
    • Margarine has come out of fashion of late, but it still has some practical applications in meal preparation. Benjamin Foods has several margarine and other butter substitutes for your kitchen.

At Benjamin Foods our passion comes from our Philly roots.