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Food Service Disposables

Benjamin Foods sells disposable products but builds permanent relationships with our clients.

In today’s world, we’re all in a hurry. We want that meal now and we don’t want to wait. When customers order take-out or need to bring home leftovers, disposable packaging is a must.

If your facility doesn’t have the equipment to wash and sanitize dishes or lacks permanent seating like a food truck, you’re likely using disposable serving pieces and flatware.

Benjamin Foods carries a variety of disposable serving options available in a range of materials and sizes.

  • Plastic Ware
    • Plastic ware includes soufflé cups, plastic cups, plastic cutlery, plastic containers, and plastic plates and bowls. Plastic ware is durable and resistant to moisture. It’s a great option for delivery and take-out meals.
  • Paper Goods
    • Benjamin Foods’ paper goods collection includes soufflé cups, placemats, trays, paper towels, napkins and tissues; paper containers; paper cups and lids; paper bags and paper plates and bowls. Paper goods are a less-durable alternative to plastic ware, but it is also biodegradable and costs less.
  • Foam Products
    • Our selection of foam products includes foam cups and lids, foam trays, foam plates and bowls and disposable food boxes.
  • Foils and Wraps
    • Foils and wraps are an important part of every kitchen arsenal and we carry a full complement of them both.
  • Containers/Lids
    • We of course carry all the appropriate containers and lids to properly close our paper, plastic and foam ware.
  • Chef Wear
    •  Benjamin Foods carries a full selection of chef wear and uniforms, including shirts, pants, aprons, gloves and hats.
  • Guest Checks/Register Tapes
    • You can’t bring your guest the bill if the register is out of tape. Make sure you never run out with our supply of guest checks and register tapes.
  • Pizza Boxes
    • Pizza boxes are an art form unto themselves. No piece of food packaging is more iconic. Make your pizza stand out with standard or custom printed pizza boxes from Benjamin Foods.
  • Straws, Stirrers and Picks
    • No bar is complete without drinking straws, stirrers and picks for your drink’s garnish. We offer many different straw options (even bendy ones!).
  • Table Covers
    • Table covers can be made of many different materials, but most are either fabric, plastic, or paper-based. No matter your décor, we have the table cover that will set off the room perfectly.

At Benjamin Foods our passion comes from our Philly roots.