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Quality meat products at reasonable prices. That’s the Benjamin Foods promise.

Benjamin Foods works with the only the best purveyors of fresh and processed meat products. Our suppliers have aged options, specialty cuts and meats in compliance with religious diets.

Speak with one of our expert sales reps to discuss what your best options are when procuring meats for your business. Benjamin Foods can save you money while making sure your customers get the best quality meats available.

  • Beef Products
    • We offer beef in dozens of different cuts and serving options: grass-fed and organic, pre-trimmed or trimmed in-house, pre-ground or pre-formed into patties, we can even cube the beef or have it ready for kebobs. Or, if you’re looking for aged beef or exotic Kobe beef varieties, we can supply the best product to satisfy your high-end patrons.
  • Veal Products
    • Our veal products are produced humanely and often locally sourced. You’ll taste the difference with Benjamin Foods.
  • Pork Products
    • The Benjamin Foods catalog really shows how pork can inject something new into a stagnant menu. Try some of our specialty cuts and see what a difference a quality pork product can make.
  • Sausage Products
    • From the mundane to the exotic, Benjamin Foods has a comprehensive collection of artisanal and traditional sausage flavors. We even have a large collection of sausages made from specialty meats.
  • Precooked Meats
    • Pre-cooked meats can help your bottom line. Benjamin Foods pre-cooked meats help to eliminate food waste and cut down on prep time.
  • Fresh Meats
    • The fresher, the better. Benjamin Foods fresh meat vendors deliver the highest quality product at a fair and reasonable price.
  • Frozen Meats
    • Frozen meats can help save money on storage and save you time. Ground meat products and pre-formed patties in particular can help shrink your prep time.
  • Religious Diets
    • Halal, Kosher and everything in-between. Benjamin Foods can help your restaurant cater to any religious diet restrictions you may face. Check with your sales rep for more options.

At Benjamin Foods our passion comes from our Philly roots.