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Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Equipment for restaurant professionals from restaurant professionals.

Benjamin Foods’ industry knowledge, product selection, competitive pricing, flexibility, and unsurpassed customer service set us apart from other restaurant equipment supply companies. We’ve built our business by daily earning customer trust through our greatest strength – listening to you. By clearly understanding your equipment needs, objectives, and goals; our professional expertise, sourcing options, and competitive pricing are applied for your maximum satisfaction.

Accommodating prices for set-in-place installations, and leasing options are available with our equipment offerings. We take great pride in building and maintaining long-term customer relationships, confirmed by our track record.

  • Food Preparation Equipment
    • From deli slicers industrial mixers and everything in-between, Benjamin Foods carries all the food preparation equipment your facility needs to prepare meals for crowds of any size.
  • Refrigeration Equipment
    • Keep your cool with our assortment of industrial refrigeration equipment. Don’t risk losing your food to spoilage. Make sure you’ve got quality walk-in and free-standing coolers from Benjamin Foods.
  • Cooking Equipment
    • Benjamin Foods will sit down with your team to help determine exactly what your restaurant’s needs are. Then we’ll help you decide what cooking equipment options fit both your budget and your business plans.
  • Bar Equipment
    • Keep your patrons happy with bar equipment from Benjamin Foods. Our experienced staff will help design your bar back with the optimal layout for your bartending staff.
  • Dish Room Equipment and Accessories
    • Warewashing equipment and other dish room accessories make up a huge part of your investment when starting a restaurant. If you can’t serve meals on sanitized, clean tableware, you won’t be around long. Benjamin Foods will help you determine what your needs are and make sure you have the right equipment to deal with the busiest of rushes.
  • Commercial Restaurant Sinks and Sink Accessories
    • Restaurants use commercial quality sinks and sink accessories. These are usually made from stainless steel for ease-of-cleaning and durability, but other options are available. Ask your Benjamin Foods sales rep for more information.
  • Concession Equipment
    • Live events offer a different set of challenges for a restaurateur. If you’re working within the confines of an event or an arena, make sure Benjamin Foods is beside you when you’re planning your layout. We’ve been around a long time, and we know how to organize your kitchen for maximum efficiency and compliance with local ordinances.
  • Furniture – Indoor and Outdoor
    • Our vendors have a massive collection of indoor and outdoor furniture from which to choose. Whatever your style, we have the décor you’re looking for.
  • Ventilation
    • Fans and other ventilation equipment can save lives and make an unbearable work area bearable again. Benjamin Foods’ experts can help you determine your ventilation needs as dictated by building and health inspectors’ codes and then be sure you have the appropriate equipment.
  • Fabrication
    • If your project requires custom fabrication, we can help with that, too. Ask your sales rep about custom fabrication options.
  • Coffee Equipment
    • Americans love coffee. We drink it at breakfast, we drink it at work and we drink it to finish off a delicious meal. Benjamin Foods has many options for the java junkie. From espresso machines to coffee urns, we have everything you need to satisfy the needs of your under-caffeinated clientele.
  • Shelving
    • In most restaurants, space is at a premium. Benjamin Foods’ modular shelving, carts and other stackable storage options can help you reclaim your missing floorspace and make for a safer environment for your employees and staff.
  • Plumbing Supplies
    • Plumbing is a fact of life, as is clogs with that plumbing. Food preparation can be messy and waste can easily lead to clogged pipes or worse. Benjamin Foods has a full collection of plumbing supplies to keep everything in your restaurant flowing.
  • Parts
    • If something breaks, Benjamin Foods has the parts on-hand to fix it. Ask your rep for more details.
  • Warming Equipment
    • Salamanders and chafing dishes can help keep food warm while it waits for your server to deliver it to the customer’s table. Benjamin Foods has a full catalog of warming equipment to make sure you never get anything sent back to the kitchen because it’s cold.

At Benjamin Foods our passion comes from our Philly roots.