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You’ll never catch a better deal on fish and seafood options than Benjamin Foods.

It’s a common saying that there are many fish in the sea. Benjamin Foods takes this aphorism to heart by offering a veritable bounty of fresh and frozen seafood options to our customers.

We source our seafood from sustainable vendors and ensure that the product we deliver is as fresh as possible so you can serve your customers a quality meal.

  • Fresh
    • From the dock to your door, Benjamin Foods is your “just-in-time” supplier for all your seafood needs. Our relationship with one of the oldest seafood suppliers in the tri-state area allows us to offer the finest selection of fresh and frozen seafood available for daily delivery.
  • Frozen
    • Our selection of frozen seafood is enormous. We offer frozen varieties of nearly every type of edible seafood imaginable. In addition to avoiding loss of product due to spoilage, frozen seafood means that your guests can dine on their favorite fish even when it’s out-of-season.
  • Breaded and Battered
    • Pre-prepared breaded or battered fish is also frozen, but it also offers an easy option for fried fish platters since you don’t have to worry about the breading or battering in-house as part of your prep work.
  • Prepared
    • Pre-prepared fish and seafood options can save you both time and money, while also cutting down on waste and cross-contamination risks inherent with seafood.
  • Smoked/Salted
    • Benjamin Foods offers a comprehensive selection of smoked and salted fish such as salmon, salt cod or bronzino
  • Imitation
    • Imitation crabmeat can be a great alternative for expensive crab meat and also a safer option for guests with shellfish allergies.
  • Stuffed
    • Stuffed seafood options include items stuffed with seafood such as mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat, but we also carry seafood products stuffed with cheeses and other meats.

At Benjamin Foods our passion comes from our Philly roots.