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Recall Policy

Benjamin Foods Product Recall Billing Policy

Benjamin Foods works directly with applicable manufacturers and governmental agencies to conduct product recalls/market withdrawals upon notification from a manufacturer and/or governmental agencies. The following fees regarding Benjamin Foods’ recouping Benjamin Foods’ costs (both administrative and handling) associated with conducting a product recall/market withdrawal, would be assessed and facilitated as follows:

Administrative Fee

$800 base-fee shall be assessed per each Benjamin Foods Distribution Center having received product involved in a recall. This fee covers time, resources and any cost directly associated with our internal consequences and procedural handling costs related to product recall; including researching purchases, checking current product inventory, intercepting incoming shipments, running recall reports, notification of sales, warehouse and transportation functions, processing of customer credits, and working with governmental and regulatory agencies.

Customer Notification Fee

$25.00 customer notification fee per affected Benjamin Foods’ customer to cover total costs of generating the list of affected customers and any costs associated with notifying them. This notification shall be done by priority or registered mail, fax, e-mail, and/or telephone. This fee will be assessed regardless of affected customer’s having kept or discarded defective product to return or destroy.

Product Handling Fee

$2.00 per unit fee for handling product that is placed on hold shall be assessed in addition to all Benjamin Foods’ AP costs. The manufacturer in question is responsible for any additional freight charges associated with consolidating and moving product to a central location and/or returning product to the manufacturer.

Returns/Credit Fee

$2.00 per unit credit fee shall be charged for each unit Benjamin Foods must issue as customer credit due to any product recall/withdrawal. An additional $2.00 fee per item/SKU will be assessed for product isolated upon return to Benjamin Foods by a customer for manufacturer pick-up or destruction. This handling fee is in addition to all Benjamin Foods’ AP cost.

Dump/Disposal Fee

The manufacturers responsible for any recall will be charged for any costs associated with disposing of recalled product. This would include, but is not limited to, costs such as rendering the product inedible, dump/disposal fees, moving the product to a landfill, obtaining additional dumpsters, among other applicable scenarios. Product disposal may be done on-site by Benjamin Foods, with fees based-upon cubic measurements of affected product.

Special Handling Fee

The responsible manufacturer will be charged fees relative to supplier or regulatory recall/withdrawal decisions including, but is not limited to fees for long term storage of product (>2 weeks). A $50/warehouse man hour fee will be assessed for special product handling requests and/or requests for handling product after routine business hours; including the cost of Benjamin Foods’ costs associated with making emergency deliveries to customers who additional product due to recall.

Miscellaneous Fees

In cases where customers have utilized recalled product as an ingredient in a further processed product (prior to being informed of the recall) may request reimbursement for additional product(s) affected by the recall; including but not limited to packaging costs, labor costs, and other additional costs associated with customer product recall compliance. Where having reimbursed recall related customer costs, Benjamin Foods will seek reimbursement from the responsible manufacturer.