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Correctional Facilities

Benjamin Foods Supplies Correctional Facilities Nationwide

Our customer accounts include nearly 400 facilities at the federal, state, and county levels; in addition to private management company facilities, juvenile detention centers, community corrections centers, halfway houses, and residential treatment facilities.  As the correctional institution population grows significantly, facility food budgets continue to decrease. Benjamin Foods proudly delivers the balance of containing costs while maintaining product integrity and quality.

Our dedicated correctional sales team works hard to understand unique institutional facility needs. Our approach to providing outstanding service emphasizes a thorough commitment to the customer before, during, and after the transaction.


  • Provide savings without compromising product quality
  • Budget forecasting and analysis
  • Smarter purchasing strategies to help pass the savings on to your facility


  • We tailor a plan to accommodate each facility’s delivery requirements
  • Deliveries are accurate and on-time
  • Proactive and quick solutions to any problem – delivering a great customer experience

At Benjamin Foods our passion comes from our Philly roots.