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Educational Services

Benjamin Foods is committed to providing nutritious meals to students in the primary, secondary and post-secondary markets.

Our goal is to provide healthy meals at outstanding prices. We believe that finding the balance for nutritious food options can be done even with cost controls. Benjamin Foods’ committed educational sales team understands that each educational customer faces their own challenges, and we work with the customer to tailor an individualized plan that meets their needs.

With many budgets facing significant revenue shortfalls, primary and secondary schools are in a real fight for local and state budgetary dollars. Uncertainty regarding state and local revenues cast a shadow on the funds allocated for educational foodservice. Federal regulation requirements and parental expectations also impose certain standards for educational foodservice. Benjamin Foods understands that finding unique solutions to meet evolving standards must be done continually. Nutritional change in the education sector requires foodservice distributors to remain diligent. We understand that we must evolve with the rapid changes in school nutritional guidelines to provide our customers the best service. We strive to do so by mapping key trends and policies shaping the K-12 and university sales growth and by profiling a range of school district programs and college foodservice programs.

Benjamin Foods has an extensive offering of nationally branded, CN labeled, and specialty products designed specifically for the education foodservice segment. Make Benjamin Foods your choice for your educational foodservice needs.

At Benjamin Foods our passion comes from our Philly roots.